Yalo’s Journal

Yalo’s Journal

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East River Ride

Roosevelt Island Ride

Bronx River Ride

We were going to the River park in the Bronx we crossed 3 bridges. We went really fast. I made it up all the bridges without stopping. It was really fun. When we got to the park we learned about fish ladders; they’re platforms created for fishes to go up a lake and a waterfall. The fish live at the bottom of the lake and try to get to the top of the lake where the lake is not salty. Also on the top there also eels that live on top of the lake and try to get down to the bottom of the lake so their babies wont get spotted. So they created eel ladders for eels. After we learned about ladders we played at the park, drank water, and came back to camp.

Newtown Creek Ride

We went to Newtown Creek. We crossed three bridges. I crossed all of them without stopping. We were looking for black mayo it’s a goo under a lake. It’s was not that much of an adventure. When we got there we ate and got a sample of the water. We got the black mayo it was a black goo substance. It was soft and slimy. Then we came back.

Staten Island Ride

We went to Staten Island. It was a long trip. We had to get there by a boat. We saw the Statue of Liberty and Governors Island. When we got there we went to a house were we got books. I found the hidden item, which was a little book to write your name in. Then we went to a park. We went in the secret garden, which is a maze to get to a secret garden. Then we ate lunch. After lunch we went to find “treasure”. We had to figure out a riddle. Cappy and I found the treasure it was a little box that had stuff in it. Then we had to leave. It was fun I think I want to go next year.

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