About Us

Cyclopedia is a 4-week summer positive youth development (PYD) program. This is an evidence-based model for improving resilience to toxic stress, and our program evaluations demonstrate predicted success. We work with multiple community organizations and local leaders to translate our community science into policy recommendations addressing environmental health factors that underlie the community disparities.

2021 Season Update

A Cyclopedia Zine was created for the season with the contributions from participants: Dylan C., Rosa D., Maria G., Marta H., Ashley L., Denisha M., Katering M., Alexis N., Aurora N., Omar N., Lizzy N., Asucena R., Emily S..

The 50 page zine documented hybrid walking trips with Cada Paso families. It was also featured in the Envision the Environment Showcase on nyscheck.org as part of a celebration of Children’s Environmental Health Day

2020 Season

Our bikes were locked away during the 2020 COVID summer. 

Cyclopedia became “Walk-o-pedia” to deliver three weeks of exclusively outdoor peer-led programming for our youth. (And the rest of the families joined too!)

Jefferson Park was home base, from which we activated the neighborhood as a learning space, thanks to community partners.

Air quality, water quality and climate change were our themes as we explored and documented East Harlem, with a vision of where we are and how we can design a healthier future.

Masking and physical distancing were emphasized in addition to the protection of being outdoors and lower risk of transmission among children.

Cyclopedia is a bicycling program that combines physical activity with collaborative online documentation for the purpose of empowering urban adolescents to become engaged and healthy members of their communities.

The lack of habitual outdoor activity that is often referred to as “nature-deficit disorder” manifests as increasing rates of obesity, behavioral problems, teen pregnancy and other adverse health outcomes; Cyclopedia’s objective is to prevent these problems from happening.

Each ride has an explicitly local theme pertaining to the neighborhoods our riders live in.

This website is the collaborative documentation of all the rides: we post photographs and writing, we map our routes and we combine the information into interactive “ride maps.”

Cyclopedia was started by pediatric residents in the Pediatric Link to the Community (PLC) program at the University of Rochester in 2009. We partnered with the Rochester Boys and Girls Club to launch our inaugural season in 2010. Our first season saw 19 riders accumulating nearly 800 miles and over 70 hours of program time on 14 rides. Our East Harlem program launched in 2012.  Hundreds of riders, and thousands of miles, photographs and words later…here we are!  Enjoy the ride.

Multiple rides from the 2019 season.

We have been honored with recognition and awards, including:
Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Resident Community Service Award
November 2010
American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Anne E. Dyson Child Advocacy Award
Cyclopedia: Empowering Urban Adolescents Through Bicycling, October 2010
Community Pediatrics Advisory Council (CPAC) Grant
Cyclopedia: Empowering Urban Adolescents Through Bicycling, July 2010
AAP Community Access to Child Health (CATCH) Resident Funds Grant
Cyclopedia: Empowering Urban Adolescents Through Bicycling, June 2010



NYC East Harlem Trips


Rochester Trips


Our leadership consists of:
East Harlem
Cappy Collins, MD, MPH; environmental health pediatrician, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Alberto Rivera; Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center, Beacon After School Program

Shawn Brown; Teen Coordinator, Rochester Boys and Girls Club
Marcus Cooper; Rochester Boys and Girls Club
Marc Lavender, MD; physician, University of Rochester

Research Advisor:
C. Andrew Aligne, MD, MPH; pediatrician, University of Rochester
Technical Director:
John Culhane

Intern Alumni:
2012: Kara Metcalf
2013: Emma Bick, Jenne Ingrassia, Danny Piening
2014: Emily Bai, Danielle Niderman, Juleon Robinson
2015: Jude Appiah, Georgia Bancheri, Claire Castellano, Stella Chong, Katie Litman, Katelynn Pan
2016: JiaMei Huang, Lauren Lee, Celeste Matsui, Emera de los Santos, Akeem Williams
2017: Judy Lee
2018: Orianna Xu, Lauren Eisner