Tijon’s Journal

Tijon’s Journal

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Ride 1: Inwood Hill Park

Man the ride was all fun even the part when we rode down the hill

There was things that was hard too.The things that was hard was going up the hill that was really hard.

we seen alot of things today we seen a muddy pond and birds around it. we also seen a big tower.

I really like the ride that we had today i think we did a really good job of team work. In the begging we wasn’t that good but we worked it out and did really well.I think Keith, Tymel and I was the fastest out of the kids group.

I really like this program and i hope i get a chance to do it again. We all had fun we seen really cool things such as bridges and also the Harlem river.Another thing we saw was caves and in side the caves was like if someone lived there. There was also a person who passed away there and had there name on the side of the cave.We saw spiders and spider webs and we also saw bags of food and sticks.We also rode passed by parks and we also played a little game we made up.

Tijon’s newtown creek


 Ride 2: Newtown Creek

Omg the ride today was very hard u think hill is hard walking up on well a hill riding a bike on is way harder. But i still had a lot of fun. we all had a great time we all did really well as a group, but of course we started off kind of bad. But as a team we all did well,and had a great time. 

What i liked the most about the ride is that we saw graffiti the pic we seen was so cool. I loved the ride we went on today it was really cool. We went over some bridge i forgot what it was called,but it was hard going up the ramp. I did like the part when we went down the bridge, because i was ridding with no hands ( i think im a pro ) lol. I wasnt supposed to ride with no hands but i did because i know im a good rider. I seen a couple of boats too i seen a speed boat it was really fast. I also seen a snakes and spiders in a couple of spots.

What i didnt like about this ride is the people that was bothering me i bothered me when they bothered me GET IT  LOL. I also didnt like going up so many hills it was really bothering me too. lol.But the next trip we are going to Staten Island and i hope its going to be easy and smooth.

Ride 3: Staten Island

Well I had a very fun time today I seen a lot of things. I saw a castle and the statue of liberty. But there was this one lady who got on my nurves. She was really annoying but out of the whole day I had a lot of fun. We also seen a maze it was really cool. Me and my man O went down some hill and we seen a spooky whell. I was scared, but I still had fun. Me and O had a race that was also fun.

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