Tiffany’s Journal

Tiffany’s Journal

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Tiffany’s Journal Entry East River ride 2015 07/16/15
The Short Story of the East River
At first, Mr. Cappy was leading our line. We were in the streets and I felt like I was alive because I could feel the breeze and I had so much fun. I had fun because we were exploring the east river side. Also while we were riding we saw the tri borough bridge. Then after that we sat down and ate our lunch. Then after lunch we rode south and went to the queensborough bridge. Before we go to the bridge we went to a pier and got some water from the river. Also we found a crab and Jude and Katie picked the crab up and then Katie threw the crab in the river. Also we went to the bridge and then we did the challenge. The challenge was to go up the hill without stopping and the other challenge was to go down the hill as slow as Cappy was. After the bridge we went to the 77st park to check if my friends were ok we checked because my friend’s bike tire got caught by a fish hook. Then afterwards we went back to the school and tested the water from the east river.

Roosevelt Island Ride 07/23/15

In Roosevelt Island I saw a big head and the big head’s name was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Also I saw smallpox hospital and it was big and scary. It was scary because it was all torn up. Also I saw a pyramid and it had flowers and it was so pretty I saw the pyramid when we were eating lunch. Also I learned that Roosevelt island was a freedom park. Freedom park means doing what ever you want but it has to be right. Also we tried the solar power cooking and it worked my thoughts about that were crazy because at first I thought it wasn’t really going to work. My favorite part of the trip was the pyramid because the pyramid was so pretty and I liked it. The Queensboro Bridge was the hardest because of the hill so my least favorite was the Queensboro bridge. My favorite bridge was the Randall’s island bridge because it was much easier to go up and because its fun. The Triborough bridge I liked to because it was nice as well. And it was a great trip bye!

Newtown Creek 08/04/2015

Inwood Hill Park Ride

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