Steven’s journal

Steven’s journal

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Steven’s East River Ride

Ride 1: East River.

Today we went to the Tribouroh Bridge and the Queens Bridge. We went up hills and roads. I also did some rides without using my hands :).  What was hard for me was going down the stairs. The easy and fun part was going down the hills.






Steven Roosevelt Ride

Ride 2: Roosevelt Island.

Today we went to Roosevelt Island Queens Bridge and rode on the Triborough Bridge. I hate the Queens Bridge so much >.<. Its so stressful because its SO long. But we did go down the bridge 😀 which was WAY easy.  I was behind the leader the whole time because im so fast :). My legs hurt-ed so much but i kept going.





Steven’s Starlight Park Ride

Ride 3: Starlight Park.

Today we went to Starlight Park and i ate a mug-wort (tasted horrible >3<). I played on the swings and did the obstacle course and i saw something i shouldn’t of saw >.<. I wanted to go to spin a barrel so when i got there people were telling me what was i doing then i turned around and i saw 2 people kiss. I ran away so fast and just went to the obstacle course again. We also went to Concrete Park and saw a boat of people trying to get out of the dirty side of the Bronx river.




Steven Henriquez Inwood Park

Ride 4: Inwood Hill Park

Today we went to Inwood Hill Park and saw some Indian caves.  I went inside the caves and had a party :). We saw 3 things today, 1 a pumpkin house, 2 a pavilion, and 3 a light house. I also got a Baseball from the park. I was so exhausted on the way back . There was also a little narrow bike bridge we went on. It was so fun it was like our own secret pathway.





Steven Newton Creek

Ride 5: Newtown Creek

Today we went to Newtown Creek and when we were half way there i saw something so evil……so despicable…….you wont believe its true…..i saw…….PERFECT ROUND SPHERES!! :OOOOOO. We also went on the Queens Bridge (which is SO stressful) and Pulaski Bridge. My legs are so tired i fell like falling and waking up in a hospital with a TV  air conditioner and a comfy bed :). Next Week is Staten Island and IM READY!






steven staten island

Ride 6: Staten Island

Today we went to staten island to visit the secret garden. Last year it rained but today was sunny. But I’m sad that today is the last day of cyclopedia :(. But next year (if I can come) I’m going to be a co-leader :D. go cyclopedia.

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