Sheila’s Journal

Sheila’s Journal

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East River Ride Journal

I rode a bike…YAY!!! =^_^=

It was fun to ride along the east river…But…It wasn’t as fun as it should’ve been since I had a headache.

One thing I really enjoyed about the trip was the fact that it had started pouring rain.

I thought it was quite fun to get totally soaked-it helped my head feel better, and it also felt very nice-the grey skies surrounding me, as the gentle, yet sharp drops of rain pounded against my skin. It was very soothing.

I road at a very controlled speed, seeing as I wanted to fully enjoy the view of everything around me-from the smallest ripple in the water, all the way to largest building.

One thing I learned from taking my time to observe, is the fact that…When you go a little slower than the rest, you end seeing more, noticing more, exploring more. I think it’s always good to go slower, because at the end of the day, the person in front of you may have rode the fastest down that one hill, but when you go slow you will end up having seen more.

Something I know that I noticed, was all the weeds that grew along the river, and as our group began to collect some plant samples-I am almost positively, 100 % sure-that I was the only person who took the time to look around for them. I think it was a great find.

The hardest part of the ride (for me, anyway) was riding up hills.

Riding up all the hills was a bit of a struggle for me, seeing as a LOT of other people were a lot farther ahead of me, and the fact that my legs started to hurt after only ten seconds of riding up the hill really didn’t help either.


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