Savanna’s Journal

Savanna’s Journal

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Ride 1: Starlight park:


This is my first time in cyclopedia so I don’t know much about it. Overall it was a great experience. first of all it was a very long trip there but the trip back was a breeze. Looking at all the nature was a great thing because usually I only see buildings and stuff. My favorite part was when we got back and we got to take breaks especially lunch break. The coolest thing I saw was that lake with the memorial for the boy. The hardest part was riding the bike but I’m proud I got all the way back.



savanna inwood park

Ride 2: Inwood Park

-I whent to inwood park .And i got my 25milles band today.It was a great ride.I CAN’T WAIT TO GO AGAIN. the best part was when i went into the Indian cave.i felt afrad that some DEAD indian dude might pop out and grab me.

We ya had fun the end

i lost at id clare war.






Today was a good experience. Cappy taught us about the pollution in the water at Newtown Creek. We went down a ramp that led to the water. It was awesome. We rode downhill into a tunnel. We rode really fast like 50 miles per hour!

The pollution in the water looked green and stuff. The water looked like oil.

Every thing EXPLODED underground because pollution. We had to take a  detour because we  got stopped by the POLICE. We took the triboro bridge instead.

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