Priscilla’s Journal

Priscilla’s Journal

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Ride 1: Roosevelt Island.

Today we went to Roosevelt island. It was really fun going up and down hills and riding over bridges. We had a great time. A challenge i had today was going up hills and going up the bridge. It was very tiring but fun i had a great time taking  pictures and going to the same exact place for second time in my life. My highs of this ride is that it was awesome and we had a lot of fun and i achieved my goal of riding up. we had a great time.



Priscilla’s trip to starlight park


Ride 2: Starlight Park

My trip to starlight park for the second time was fascinating. going up and down hills was challenging. and i had a great time at the park it was mad fun. We also tried eating mug wart a plant and it was fave part of the ride was going down hill to come back to Randal’s island. we had a great time.




Priscilla’s Trip to Inwood Park

Ride 3: Inwood Part


today we went to In (in in in..) Wood (wood wood wood…) Park (park park park…) ( echos) IT WAS TIRING. I WAS GOING TO DIE LITERALLY. ¬†We had a OK time. And a lot of funny moments. So we saw this old man, he was running and but not really. He was jogging but in a walking way. He had a mean face on like he had to take a dodo. and he was trying so hard and he was sweating O.D!!!!! oh my god it was mad funny we had mad fun.



Priscilla’s newtown creek

Ride 4: Newtown Creek

Today was a great but challenging and tiring. They almost let me die on the spot. I was having a lot of fun going up and down hills. We were talking and having fun during lunch and the funny party was when mother nature got tijon. It was hilarious. It was great. I also snuck potato chips (oven baked). We went over Queensboro Bridge. And another bridge that i cant remember. The word of the day is pollution. pollution is the air and black mayo (which is made out of crap).

priscilla staten island

Ride 5: Staten Island

Today was so fun. We went to snug harbor in Staten Island. We took the ferrie there and on the ferrie we took pictures of the statue of liberty. Also when we were at Staten Island we went in a maze to find the secret garden. I really didn’t want to go today but I had to. I was going to wear a dress and sandals so I didn’t have to go and say that i’m coming tomorrow but then don’t go tomorrow. I had so much fun today. bii-bii

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