Ontus’s Journal

Ontus’s Journal

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Ride 1: Roosevelt Island

the thing that i like about this pic was when we where going down hill and the thing that i like about the small pox house is that the house was small and people go there when they have the pox .

and what i did not like was when we were going up the hill.

a person can be marginalized when people don’t have enough money in life.People who were in the small pox hospital is because they were sick.





Ontus starlight park

Ride 2: Starlight Park

What i like about this trip was when we were not panic when we were on the road with the cars that’s what i like about this ride. The one thing i did not like was when the community was filled with dirt that made me mad on this trip.My community comes  together and clean  the community 3 times a week and get the trash bags,bottles and rapes on the ground.





Ontus inwood park

Ride 3;inwoodpark

What i like about this trip was when we whent up the hills and down he hills.

what i didnt not like was when we had t0 walk the bikes and that got me mad.

what i sene at the park was a big baseball filed that was so nice.

i liked the indian cave because we sene peaples belonimgs in the caves and thay planeted a plante there and that was nice.



ontus newtown creek

Ride 4: newtown creek

What i like about today was when we went to were the ole slick

what i did not like about today was when we did not get to go on the queens  brige and we had to take the triboro brige and what els i did not like about today there was alot of a ploine

today was one of the best ride ever.




Ontus’ Staten Island

Ride 5: staten Island

what I liked abou today was when we went throught he maze. what I didn’t like about today was when we had to find werms and that was not fun. what I like about today was when we sene the statue of liberty, and what will make cyclopedia better is if they get money and upgrade the bikes a little more and cyclopedia will be the best bike gang around town.- ontus

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