Malaysia’s Journal

Malaysia’s Journal

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East River Ride

On my first ride we went across the East River and took pictures of each other. We ate lunch underneath a tree at the Tri borough bridge and some of us got to ride around on the bikes while everyone else was finishing their lunch. When everyone else finished their lunches, we got back on our bikes and rode south to the pier. There we saw a crab and Katie picked up the crab and everyone got a chance to touch the crab. Afterwards, we were near 95th street bridge and had a fun game where the challenge was to ride up a hill without stopping. I didn’t make it up without stopping but I did have lots of fun. Later on while riding we rode through a tunnel, past the park and a pool and back to the school but before I got there I rode the bike into a tree and a wall!!!!!!!!!! After that we all rode back to the school and lived happily ever after!



Bronx River Ride

When we went to starlight park, river park, and concrete plant we went to see some fish that were trying to get over a dam to lay their eggs because they were in salt water and were trying to get over to the clean side without salt. The eels went from the fresh water side to the salt water side because that way their eggs won’t be seen before they hatch. We also tried the mugwort challenge where you try a leaf that smells and tastes like mint. I tried it and did not like it. We also made sumac tea. The plant looks like a group of grapes but it’s not and it looks purple or pinkish. I did not like the sumac tea either.

Newtown Creek Ride

In the newtown creek ride we went to see black mayonnaise. The newtown creek had lots of trash and food in it. The black mayonnaise was oil and coal that had been at the very bottom of the river but people there were trying to clean it up. What we did was that we took an anchor, and tied a large yellow rope to it and we threw it into the river until it got to the bottom. When we pulled it up there was black mayonnaise. We put gloves on and touched it. It was black, it smelled really bad, and it was super soft.

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