Hector’s Journal

Hector’s Journal

Ride 1: East River Ride

We went biking on Tuesday, July 14th to the East River! My bike was black. We made a Wolf Pack while riding the bikes. We had nicknames. Jon’s nickname was Wolf, Jerry’s nickname was Tracker, Bryan’s nickname was Growl, and my nickname was Saber Tooth. We got caught in the rain and we all got soaked. Then all of Cyclopedia went under the 96th street bridge and Katelynn taught all of us taekwondo. I was a team leader too. We all learned how to punch and we learned the kamsahyung form. After it stopped raining, we all started to bike again. Our challenge out of all the bike riding we did was to go up this big hill without stopping. I did it without stopping. Out of all the things that happened today I had a great day.

Roosevelt Island Ride

On July 21st, 2015 Group A went bike riding to Roosevelt Island. We went on 3 bridges the Triborough Bridge, Queensboro Bridge, and Ward’s Island Bridge. While riding my bike I didn’t stop on of the bridges. While riding my bike we went to Roosevelt Island where we saw the Smallpox Hospital. After riding in Queens we stopped in a park to eat our lunch. When going home we rode 40 blocks down 1st ave. After all of the bike riding I was soooo tired. Overall I had a good day.

Bronx River Ride
Hector’s journal
On July 28 we rode our bikes to the Bronx. We went to three parks. The three parks were River Park, Starlight park and Concrete Plant Park. At starlight park we ate lunch. We rode 14.5 miles in total for the whole trip. We rode on bridges, streets, and grass. My favorite part of the bike ride was riding on the streets and the hills. The part that I disliked about the bike ride was the bridges. Because they had long inclines and were difficult. For the last park we went to, we did Taekwondo with Katelynn and learned new moves. After the last park, we were on our way to go home. Overall I liked and disliked our last ride.

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