Estuardo’s Journal

Estuardo’s Journal

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Ride 1: East River

One thing like was that i was able to ride with the cyclopedia crew members again  and with new volunteers. Some thing that I was strugeling with going up with teh hill that was at the end of the ride.i like that I was able to try to conquer that hill again. one thing i learned was about the shocks on the new bikes and if  the front wheel hits something the shocks wheel deflect the force instead of hurting your armes.justin told me this.





 Ride 2: Roosevelt Island 

hi cyclopedia veiwers so todays ride was really fun and also kind iof scary  

one that was really fun was trying to go up the hills and go down as well and that marginalize people are send to jails or mentals hospitals depending on their problem one exaple is the people in the smallpocks Hospital were margialize for their medical conditions. One thing that was difficult for me was going up the Queens borough bridge and making sure that I was hold the breaks of the bike and stop at just t6he right time so for when I was going down and had to turn to the right at the end I would not fall and get hurt .



Estuardo Starlight park trip

Ride three : Starlight park

Hi cyclopedia viewer today I had a really fun ride because today I went to Starlight park and we learned about eels and the names for an eel one of the names is glass eels for when they are baby’s cause you can almost see see through them . today I have visited different communities my community is way different from the communities I have visit today because the community is a lot cleaner than the one i

saw today which also means that my community is way saver and healthy. today I learned about the Sumac plant I learned that if you put it in water  leave it on the sun for a while you could drink it and it kind of tastes like lemonade and it also has vitamin c. today I try to go up all of the hills on the highest gears to what my limist are.



Estuardo’s Inwood park

 Ride 4 Inwood

Today I met someone new, Uche the new intern that is only going to be here for today. she was really nice and caring about along the trip and told us what to do in case of a accident. Today the words of the day are Eurika and explorer eurika because  if we found somethings are new to us we had to say that word to alert the others on this ride we saw some Indians cave and we got to look inside it. one our new members of The hot wheelers  got the mugwort plan and earn a new batch. and Im glad he  is happy to in this ride.





Estuardo Bustamente Newtown Crek Ride

Ride 5 New Town Creek

Today I had a really fun ride because I got to see a building that look like a minature verzion of  the building Five Pointz which was one of  last year cyclopedia rides we went to see this really cool building named The Five Pointz and it was REALLY FUN GOING THERE BECAUSE of the graffiti and the way people expres them self  because to me art is a way to expres the way you and other people feel and also whart inside of them. I hope other people can enjoi cyclopedia as much as I do.





Estuardo’s staten island

Ride 6: Staten Island

Today I hgad a really fun time in cyclopedia and even though today is my last day in cyclopedia i’m going to join this program. today we took the ferry to staten island and we went to see a maze on our way to staten island we saw the statue of liberty. – estuardo


2015 Cyclopedia Rides

2015.07.21 Roosevelt Island Ride

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