Jerry’s Journal

Jerry’s Journal

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Roosevelt Island Ride
On June 21st went on 3 bridges and then I crashed in to hector 20 time. I also went up the Queens borough bridge after a while it was the hardest bridge I went up on but I did it! I went to 2 island, one was Roosevelt island, the second one was Randall’s Island. Hector fell when he was drifting. I did a drift in the streets and it was awesome. We went to the Smallpox hospital, in Roosevelt Island. We went on the streets on with our bikes. We go good weather. In conclusion we had so much fun and had challenges and good weather and rode places I never went to on a bike.

Bronx River Ride

Hi in my final trip I went to the Bronx and went to eat at a park near the Bronx zoo. I went riding in the road with the cars and it was bumpy. I also learned that tap water is the best water in America because it comes from upstate. My chain came out twice. I also got stronger riding a bike. There were few people ,  I went on a scary bridge called Triboro bridge.  I also learned to carry the bike down the stairs. There was plant called mugwort and it tasted bad. I went up bridges with gear 4 and learned how to ride safe in the road and streets. I also did tae kwon and learn respect. It was fun. Its was an adventure.

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