Alexis’s Journal

Alexis’s Journal

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2017 Journal

My first ride was to the East River and it was raining really hard and we went to a playground and we went on the slide and we used it as a water slide and we were riding and playing in the rain.Riding in the rain was fun.It was also interesting how deep we could ride with our bikes.

My second ride was to Randall’s Island along with Ward’s Island.Unfortunately my bike wan’t working so I wasn’t with my classmates for most of the ride. The good thing was that I was back on time to eat lunch with my classmates. We played in the playground for a little bit but then we had to leave.

My third ride was to Roosevelt island where we got a water sample of the water and we composted.

My 4th ride was to Newtown creek and it was fun because we got see oil spills and we got a water sample of the water. We also got to see black mayonnaise from the bottom of Newtown creek.

My fifth ride was to the Highbridge and we got a water sample of the water and we rode really far.


My sixth ride was to governors island it was lots of fun we went on a ferry to get there and while we were there we climbed up a big hill and rolled down the hill.   Then we went to get on a big slide.Then I got ice cream and  then it started raining and we had to head back.

My seventh ride was to Inwood it was very fun and we got see a lot of caves and we got to meet a Native American named Luis Ramos it was a long ride we rode all the way to the almost last point in Manhattan.

My 8th ride was to the palisades in new jersey it was fun because there was downhills but there was also uphills and I tried to go up all the uphills on high gear. It was a success but I had to change my gears on one awfully big hill.

My 9th ride was to to the Greenwood  cemetery it was raining and we got wet and it was fun. We got to see the monk parrots in the Brooklyn greenwood cemetery.The only bad part is that is really cold.

My 10th ride was to corona park in queens and it was really fun because we played in the water fountain with the big globe and we raced and it was really fun.

My 11th ride was to van cortlandt park and we rode offroad for most of the time and it was really fun and we found like 4 geocaches and we saw the stone edge’s and they were really tall and we climbed them then we had to go back.