The Vineyard

The Vineyard

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Intro lesson: 1000 miles per gallon. If you consume the energy of one gallon of gas in the form of food you can travel 1000 miles on a bike.Topic: The Vineyard is the only land left in the City of Rochester that is zoned for agriculture, while everything around it became residential housing. It’s surprising to come across it if one is casually passing through the neighborhood–the roughly triangular plot of land is hidden on two side by the surrounding houses with only the southern boundary visible from the street where the sign and entrance are. Farmer Dick is the caretaker and he showed us around.

Other Points of Interest: Brown’s Race and High Falls

Our first trip was on June 25, 2010
Trip distance: 10.0 miles
Participants: Cary Bedell, Quinton Bedell, Chris Howard, Keyon McClary, Trevon Oliver, Johnathan Shellman
Leaders: Shawn Brown, Cappy Collins

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  • Bigc

    the trip was very fun and exicting. i enjoyed dancing with my friends. the vineyard was very cool and lots of good products were grown. the mullberries were good!

  • Trevon.oliver

    this trip was very fun exicting and long. the vineyard was intersting and i learned about its food.

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