Rochester Subway

Rochester Subway

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Intro lesson: The Four Humors: “Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling.”Topic: The Rochester SubwayThe unfortunate story of the Rochester Subway (1927-1956) is detailed here

We loosely followed a stretch from Monroe Avenue through downtown and out to the western section that is currently being interred. On a 90+ degree day.Other Points of Interest: Cobbs Hill Reservoir, Local News on Seward Avenue, Rockingham Driveway Mystery
Our first trip was on July 05, 2010
Trip distance: 10.8 miles
Participants: Ya’sier Clark, Trevon Oliver, Sherod Smith
Leaders: Shawn Brown, Cappy Collins, Dwayne Mahoney, Reggie Smith

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  • Cappy

    This was a wicked hot day. Tre, Ya’sier and Sherod (who joined us for the first time) did a great job working as a team and I think everyone had a lot of fun. It was sad seeing the signs of destruction and death in the 19th Ward, but I think part of the healing process and even prevention is making people aware of what happened. “Focus on the local” is a tacit mantra of the program and that’s what we did today more than any trip so far.

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