2012 Pilot: Day 1

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Intro Lesson: What good is a bicycle? After our discussion of the program rules and expectations we talked about what bicycles can do. Two wheels aren’t as stable as three, so why don’t we ride tricycles? Well, the tricycles are slower because there’s more friction with more wheels touching the ground. So we can go faster on bicycles, but the lack of stability means we have to keep going forward. Bicycles are all about staying in motion.Word of the Day: bicycle

(from Greek bi = two + kýklos = wheel)

Trip: The riders were raring to go after the intro lesson and safety instruction. We took 1st Ave up to 102nd St to find the pedestrian bridge over the FDR. One of the construction workers told us that the renovations wouldn’t be completed until the summer, so we’ll have to find an alternate route to Randall’s/Ward’s Islands if we decide to go there on Day 3. We oriented ourselves in terms of the East River and headed north on the bike path. Pier 107 provided a scenic site for a snack break while watching a man chop a frozen fish for bait. Some of the riders explored the central roofed area which could use some repair. Speaking of repair, the path was fenced off in three places where it had collapsed–we could even see the water below us. Kalima had ridden on the west side before and we discussed the difference in upkeep and safety between the two river paths. We saw a cormorant, identified by its neck above water while its body stayed below. Compared to a duck it’s a low-rider. The riders worked well as a team except for one incident as we slowed to a stop at the northern terminus of the path, just before the Triboro Bridge. Kalima bumped Saphire’s back tire and Saphire somehow ended up on the ground with her bike on top of her. Aside from a small chin scratch she was fine, so we could laugh about it later; it was also a good lesson on why we keep our distance when we ride. Our crew was eager to explore more, so we rode back south past the 102nd street bridge and meandered up to Carl Schurz park. Another snack break provided a view of the Roosevelt Island lighthouse. Then back to the Center, passing Gracie Mansion. A great first day.

This trip was on April 10, 2012
Trip distance: 4.6 miles 
Programming time: 3 hours 
Participants: Tyler Joseph, Jacob Mehl, Saphire Small, Kalima Walker

Leaders: Cappy Collins, Onyx Salvador


This is my BIO. Check out my Journal HERE.

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19 comments on “2012 Pilot: Day 1
  1. Saphire Small says:

    So I Just Finished Day 1 With 2012 Pilot Program. We had so much fun. All of us rode around the lower east for example we past by Wards and Randalls Island. We even made it all the way to Rossevelt Island where the lighthouse is located. Riding bicycles with friends is so much fun. Although I had a few struggles going up hills and going down them. At the end of day its all about getting excersie and experience our schools neighborhood. 🙂

  2. Saphire Small says:

    Opps Upper East Side

  3. jacob.mehl says:

    Today we had fun and we learned alot of things about the city. We saw Roosevelt Island, Wards Island, and Randalls Island. Also we saw a cormorant which is pretty much a low riding duck. saphire fell and it looked like it was a Family Guy moment. then it started raining so we came back to the Stanley Isaacs center.

  4. tyler.joseph says:

    today we rode bikes i wuz very happy. this girl called Sapphire fell which was funny she looked like the thing from family guy when there them yay it was awesome

  5. kalima.walker says:

    Today i went cycling with some of my friends. We rode along the East River. A girl named Saphire was playing with her bike and fell and i was right behind her so i rolled over her leg by accident. She was alright unlike Tyler because if he fell he would cry like a baby. 🙂

  6. Saphire Small says:

    really kalima

  7. Saphire Small says:

    I Like The Photo When Kalima Was Caught Off Guard Pointing At Someone

  8. jacob.mehl says:

    yesterday it was raining and we had to ride back to the center as quikly as possible

  9. kalima.walker says:

    i like the part when saphire fell and hurt herself

  10. jacob.mehl says:


  11. onyx1987 says:

    Saphire front flip attempt was pretty cool ..lol.. Thank you Kalima for assisting her 😉 🙂 🙂

  12. kalima.walker says:


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