Local News (in the present)

Local News (in the present)

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Intro lesson: Driving v. Walking v. Biking: Fast/Slow and See/BeTopic: Local News (in the present)
We looked up some recent headlines in the Democrat and Chronicle online and then visited those places: a residence that was raided by the police after multiple neighbors had complained of drug activity, and a house that was being renovated that had a suspicious fire.

Other Points of Interest: Cobbs Hill, Touring the 19th Ward
Our first trip was on August 8, 2010
Trip distance: 8.4 miles
Participants: Cary Bedell, Quinton Bedell, Davontay Bradley, James Dorsey, Keyon McClary, Johnathan Shellman
Leaders: Shawn Brown, Cappy Collins, Marquise Kiner, Reggie Smith

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  • today was an interesting ride. i enjoyed riding and being a part of all the cool wind smacking me. i usually hate coming upon hills but today i did complete all three hills, with the help of my crew members screaming” push,push,push” i succeeded! our destination was 416 maple st and we all gather around talked about our destination and we put our helmets on we were gone! :0 🙂 :}

  • Keyon.mcclary

    I really liked the trip. My favorite part was when we was going down the hill and seeing the houses. Also I liked the weather that was going on too. There was no rain not cold eather. What I didn’t like was when we was going on the hill and stopping for other people. But for the most part I really liked it. It was fun.

  • Quinton.bedell

    My favorite part was seeing the house on 416 maple st. Also I learned a new word(ARSON)=burn something down on purpose. I love going down the hills really fast because I get a really cool breeze.

  • Keyon.mcclary

    Some of the things we stop for was to see the abandin houses, the lights, and for people.

  • Davontay.bradley

    my favorite part about today’s trip was riding down the hills

  • Johnathan.shellman

    i had liked the things that i had saw and places that i went to i like every thing about it my favorite part was going down those hills and when we went to the farm and met this old man farmer dick then when we where all at down town and looking at the boat thing it was then when we where at genesee valiy park on the path there are lots of places and thigs that i had liked also about the boat about when it goes down by the water to open the doors so you can get or goes past its is lot of more

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