Local News (in the past)

Local News (in the past)

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Intro lesson: Theory of relativity and apocrypha.  We talk about the nature of space and time.  If you move in space you are also moving in time and the bicycle is a great way to experience the relative nature of movement.  But did Einstein really think of his theory while riding his bike?  This may be apocryphal.  We talked about not taking other people’s word for things but finding out for yourself through experience and research.  With that in mind, we delved into our trip topic.Topic: Local News (in the past)

We looked up old newspaper items on the Old Fulton website to learn more about what happened in the houses we live in before we lived there.  And then went to visit each other’s homes.
Other Points of Interest: Touring the 19th Ward
Our first trip was on August 14, 2010
Trip distance: 6.0 miles
Participants: Cary Bedell, Arie Buckhalter, Juan Santiago, Trevon Oliver (for the lesson only)
Leaders: Shawn Brown, Cappy Collins, Danielle Flanagan, Marc Lavender; special guest appearance by Peter Hungerford.

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  • Arie.buckhalter

    My favorite thing about the bike ride was riding down the hill and the people i was with like my friend carey, and Jaun. I enjoyed the bike ride alot and would love to do it again.

  • Danielle.flanigan

    What a great experience!!! It was awesome to get the history of the houses we were about to visit and then put it in real time by going to see it. An 8 bedroom house for $10 a month in 1928 – who knew?!?!?! A nice tour of history, scenery and the neighborhood 🙂

  • today was a great local ride around the neighborhood. i enjoyed riding to my crew members houses and getting the facts from the computer and see it in person. the best thing about today was beating arey in a game on 1 on 1.

  • Juan.santiago

    i got to go to my house with good people and took pictures of my house went to other friends house and took pictures i like this trip make think and get fresh air …=) love bike riding…

  • Marc.lavender

    A small group today, but yet another great ride. It really tied in local history with the kids’ day to day experiences. A lot of good energy at the end of the ride!

  • Cappy

    Beautiful day to cruise through the neighborhood. Reggie was holding the fort back at the club and Shawn was leading the way. Marc is becoming our new web guru. Arie had his first ride with us, Juan came back for his second ride, and Carey’s been on several. Danielle was a special guest and Peter caught up with us back at the club wrap-up. Really interesting to research the history of the houses and then see them in real life. And it was great to see so many people out on the streets on a sunny day.

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