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Learning Sessions

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Learning to Ride:
With our first bike ride with Cyclopedia just seven days away, we got three kids out there today to brush up on their bike riding skills. Calvin, Destinee and Jasmine came out and met Cappy, Onyx, Brooke and Kara to practice bike riding. Although at first they were a little wobbly, they quickly got the hang of it. Destinee mastered it first, probably helped by all those years of figure skating! But Calvin and Jasmine were not far behind. Soon enough, all of them were riding around the track by their school in a fashion that would make Lance Armstrong jealous! We will have another day or so of practice to fine-tune our skills before hitting the pavement for our first Cyclopedia ride. Great job today, guys!
This trip was on July 3, 5 & 6th, 2012
Programming time: 1.5 hours
Participants: Calvin Debrecourt, Destinee Moore, Jasmine Romero

Leaders: Cappy Collins, Brooke Gogel, Javon Langley, Kara Metcalf, Onyx Salvador

2012 Learning Day 3

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