Genesee River

Genesee River

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The Genesee River is the defining natural feature of Rochester. It cuts through the middle of city where the first local industries were founded at High Falls, and empties in Lake Ontario. It is one of the few rivers in the world that flows north. It’s also very close to our home base at the Boys and Girls Club.Our first trip was on June 7, 2010

Trip Distance: 5.2 miles
Participants: Keyon McClary, Johnathan Shellman
Leaders: Shawn Brown, Cappy Collins, Eric Soublet

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  • Cappy

    It was a rainy day but we got a few miles under our belts. Jon and Keyon were great. Everyone is looking forward to the next ride.

  • Keyon.mcclary

    I remember seeing that big yellow and blue boat going by us and people waving by at us and we were waving back.

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