Erie Canal 2

Erie Canal 2

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This hot, humid day was spent traveling along the Erie Canal from the University of Rochester campus all the way to Lock 33 in Pittsford.  We fell a little short of our goal of making it to Fairport, but the shorter trip paid off – we were able to watch the Sam Patch, a local Erie Canal tour boat, go through the lock heading east.Our first trip was on June 27, 2010
Trip Distance: 13.9 miles
Participants: Carey Bedell, Quinton Bedell, Davontay Bradley, Ya’sier Clark, Keyon McClary, Johnathan Shellman
Leaders: Shawn Brown, Peter Campbell, Cappy Collins, Marquise Kiner, Marc Lavender, Reggie Smith, Eric Soublet

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  • Yasier.clark

    i remember when we had made a stop and we saw a snake and we saw a lot of bis bugs also i remember when mostly every one bike broke and mines did not and i had the smallest bike

  • Keyon.mcclary

    My favorite trip was when we went to the canel on that big and long bridg and I had spit all the way down and it took 15 second.

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