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Equipped with this tool man outstrips the efficiency not only of all machines, but all other animals as well.
—Ivan Illich

Intro lesson Traveling
A bicycle can really take you places: it’s three times as efficient as walking, it can go as fast as 82 mph, and it gets the equivalent of about 1000 miles per gallon. We ventured out on our longest trip to date.Word of the Day cataract (L cata- down + arhattein to strike hard). We’ve visited the High Falls on a few previous trips and seen the abandoned Cataract Brewery building along the shore. With Sam Patch in mind, we can appreciate that a waterfall “strikes down hard.”

Topic Charlotte and Sam Patch
We set out to track the Genesee River north from High Falls in the middle of the downtown Rochester to its outlet in Lake Ontario. This also happens to be the route Sam Patch, “the Yankee Leaper,” took in 1829 when he made his ultimate leap from the falls on a cold Friday, November 13th and reappeared, encased in ice, in the spring thaw along the shore of Charlotte at the mouth of the river. We found his grave site nearby. Along the way we saw carp, a blue heron, swans and a turtle plying the waters; the Charlotte lighthouse; and the Ridge Road bridge that marks the ancient shoreline of glacial Lake Ontario. These are all things, past and present, that are in the participants’ geographic vicinity but go unnoticed due to the speed of traveling by car, by being too far away by foot, and simply for lack of looking.

After a welcome lunch at Charlotte Beach we tried to out-ride the rain clouds on our way back home…to little success. But the sun came out by the time we returned and a good time was had by all.

Other Points of Interest Maplewood Rose Garden, Downtown Rochester, High Falls

Our first trip was on September 04, 2010
Trip distance: 23 miles
Participants: Cary Bedell, Quinton Bedell, Arie Buckhalter, Kenyan McGahee, Keyon McClary, Johnathan Shellman, Cam Smith, and Larry Sturgis
Leaders: Shawn Brown, Olivia Chiang, Cappy Collins and Lynn Garfunkel

Comments ( 11 )

  • Kenyan.McGahee

    The was the longest ride in my life but it was fun and a good work out

  • Cam.smith

    Riding to charlotte beach was a lot of fun. I remember seeing where Sam Patch jumped off. The best part of the trip was when we stopped at the beach and hung out there for a little while. I also liked when we was riding while it was raining. What i didn’t like was when we had to ride up the hills because it exausting. Other than that i had alot of fun. Can’t wait to do it again.,

  • Johnathan.shellman

    i had liked the long ride to charlotte beach and going down and up the hills mostly going down also when we went where the last by the forest and a whole lot more

  • Quinton.bedell

    this ride was insane..there were so many hills .I was shocked that I EVEN WENT THAT FAR. I fond a blue heron.It was pretty big.I found alot of new animals I never seen before.

  • today ride was crazy but at the same time the 24 mile ride was awesome. i enjoyed riding with my crew members. the weather wasn’t an factor today but it did rain. The cheeseburger was good stuff. as always i hate the hills but i manage to succeed.

  • Keyon.mcclary

    THIS RIDE WAS CRAZY! It was the longest and hardest trip we ever did. We went to charlott beach and when we got back we find out we went 20 miles to go and back. To me it was painful and hertful also crazy. To me the part I liked was when we went down the hill like usele.

  • Arie.buckhalter

    Today we had alot of fun riding out to charlotte.Until it began raining,but that still didn’t stop us from riding out. I had alot of fun.

  • Keyon.mcclary

    Also we saw tadepolts, lili pads, and while I was riding and walking I saw poop.

  • Johnathan.shellman

    i also had liked the burgers that we all had

  • Johnathan.shellman

    the ride to charlotte fun because we all had going and coming back the part that i liked was the part when we had came down the train track coming back

  • this ride was CRAZY but fun. i enjoyed going down the hills and riding in the rain wasn’t a factor.

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