2012 Stadiums Ride

2012 Stadiums Ride

Intro Lesson:  Rochester has a rich history of professional sports; last year we learned about the Rochester Royals and their road to the NBA championship against the New York Knicks in the 1950/1951 season.

Today, we visited our modern day stadiums – Red Wings (Frontier Field), Rhinos (Sahlen’s Stadium) and Amerks (Rochester War Memorial/Blue Cross Arena).  We also learned of the former site of Silver Stadium where the Red Wings played from 1929 – 1996.  Silver Stadium was also the home of the New York Black Yankees of the Negro National League for their final season in 1948.

One last piece of Rochester trivia – during his summers off from Ithaca College, former professional wrestler and “voice of the WWF” Gorilla Monsoon worked construction and helped build the Rochester War Memorial.

Word of the Day:  stadium – late 14c., “a foot race, an ancient measure of length,” from L. stadium “a measure of length, a race course”; from Gk. stadion “a measure of length, a running track”

This trip was on July 14, 2012
Trip distance: 5.5 miles 
Programming time: 3 hours 
Participants:  Daija Graham (14), Jalen Griffin (10), Tyler Penns (13), De’Kwan Sheffield (13), Arthur Wilson (11)
Leaders: Shawn Brown, Marc Lavender, Jayarr Steiner

Pictures: Daija Graham, Jalen Griffin, Tyler Penns, De’Kwan Sheffield, Arthur Wilson

Comments ( 5 )

  • Daquan.sheffield

    the funnest part of today was when we went to salhens stadium

  • Tyler.penns

    The best thing about today was when i went down the hill mad fast and could not stop and when jalen griffin was the only one to fall off the bike in the wierdiest situation

  • Jalen.griffin

    The whole thing was fun. The worst thing was when I tripped.

  • Arthur.wilson

    One good thing that happened was riding to diffrent staimums and having fun. One bad thing that happened was when daquan’s peddle fell off.

  • Daija.graham

    The best thing is that Jalen fell off his bike.The wrost thing is that it was too hot out side.It was long.I saw a statue of a Native American lacrosse player.I saw a statue of Morrie Silver.

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