2012 Rochester Manufacturing

2012 Rochester Manufacturing

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Intro Lesson:  Today’s ride focused on the history of manufacturing in Rochester.  Emily put together a great ride incorporating stops at several historical manufacturing buildings and sites in the city.   This included the old Eaton and Oakley bicycle works, the flour mills along Brown’s race, the old French’s mustard factory, and the Anderson Artist’s Building on Anderson Alley.We were fortunate to get a guided tour of several of the artist’s spaces at the Anderson Artist’s Building – the Pistachio Press letterpress studio run by Rachael and Jake; Tom’s book bindery; and Erich’s photography studio (complete with a darkroom!).  Check out the pics!!

Word of the Day:  manufacturing – 1560s, “something made by hand,” from M.Fr. manufacture, from M.L. *manufactura (cf. It. manifattura, Sp. manufactura), from L. manu, ablative of manus “hand”

This trip was on June 30, 2012
Trip distance: 10.2 miles 
Programming time: 3.5 hours 
Participants:  Momoh Kamara, Jonathan Shellman
Leaders: Sean Brown, Marc Lavender, Emily Lynch

Pictures:  Momoh, Jonathan

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  • Johnathan.shellman

    todays ride was interstring and very cool riding around the city we all stop at this building anderson buliding really big and wide i always having fun with Shawn Mark Emily Cappy and who comes and helps I would rate today will be a 30 every single ride we had from last year to this year and more coming

  • Momoh.kamara

    My best thing was watching Andrea designing sweaters.
    My worst thing was the sun.
    I made a letter press bike.

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