2012 Pinnacle Hill Ride

2012 Pinnacle Hill Ride

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Intro Lesson:  Rochester’s so-called “pinnacle hills” include the highest point in Rochester, Pinnacle Hill, at 749 feet bove sea level; Highland Hill (location of Highland Park Reservoir); Mout Hope; and Cobb’s Hill.  Pinnacle Hill was originally named Monroe Hill.  A fifth hill, Oak Hill, was located at the current site of the University of Rochester’s River Campus.

Pinnacle Hill offers a wonderful view of the environs south of the city, and in the winter months the view of downtown Rochester is hard to beat.

Word of the Day:  cairn – 1530s, from Scottish carne, from Gael. carn “heap of stones, rocky hill.”

This trip was on July 21, 2012
Trip distance: 6.4 miles 
Programming time: 1 hour 40 minutes 
Participants:  Daija Graham, Reggie Harvey, Jerome Henderson, Alton Jones Jr., De’Kwan Sheffield, Arthur Wilson
Leaders: Shawn Brown, Marc Lavender, Emily Lynch

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  • Jerome.henderson

    Best thing about the trip was running back to our bike. Worst thing was looking down from our destination.

  • Daija.graham

    Best thing got to go down hill. Worst thing had to go up hill.

  • Dekwan.sheffield

    Best part of the ride was going down the hill. The worst part was looking down while on the hill.

  • Reggie.harvey

    Best: the view, and climbing up.
    Worst: Climbing down.
    It was awesome!

  • Arthur.wilson

    The best thing that happen was going on top of the hill. The worst thing when I fell. It was a great ride.

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