2012 Erie Canal (West)

2012 Erie Canal (West)

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Intro Lesson: Cyclopedia is about exploring one’s environment, and with that in mind we set out to explore the Erie Canal path heading west. There was an emphasis on observation and documentation with cameras and writing.

Word of the Day: explore (L. ex- ‘out’ + plorare‘utter a cry.’)

Trip: We departed the Club around 11am and headed west on Arnett to catch the canal path where it crosses Chili. Along the way one of our bikes revealed an inability to keep air in the back tire. That’s no good. Fortunately, Jayarr was able to go back to the club and return with a fresh bike in his van and we proceeded along.

We took a break at the abandoned lot between Chili and Buffalo Roads, near the Amtrak railroad and EXPLORED. Lots of rocks to climb, scrubby vegetation and Rondell found a snail shell. Johnathan scraped his hand on the rocks and we used nearby lamb’s ear leaves to dress the wound with electrical tape. The riders practiced their animal and bird calls; though they were unsuccessful in attracting any critters they simultaneously warded off any attacks on our party, notably from the canal dragons–rumored to slither about these regions.

Further along we saw folks fishing below the 490 overpass. Hope they don’t catch any dragons. We took another break near some abandoned rails and the riders checked out the remains of some sort of shed that had been stripped of its working parts. Rondell showed off his math magic skills and the twins took photos of graffiti on the path.

Smooth sailing on the way back aside from Shawn and Jayarr’s tumble when their bikes got caught. While the group waited we talked with neighbors interested hearing about Cyclopedia at the Club. Silver lining.

This trip was on June 9, 2012
Trip distance: 8.33 miles
Programming time: 3 hours
Participants (click for links to their photos):

Drahai Beasley
Malaun Beasley
Johnathan Shellman
Rondell Watson

Leaders: Shawn Brown, Cappy Collins, Duke Kiner, Bridget Lang, Jayarr Steiner, Don Totten

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Comments ( 4 )

  • Rondell.watson

    i liked all the cool things i saw was a old train controler the thing i didnt like was a wanted to go farther okokookokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokookokookokokookookokokookokokokokokokokokokokokokok but i loved it all soruf deuces

  • Malaun.beasley

    one thing I liked was learning about lamb ears canal lizards canal snails and my favorite erie canal

    one thing I didn’t like was climbing rocks

  • Drahai.beasley

    I loved the erie canal trip i found a ditch ,a damp and all sotes of thins that was the longest bike ride i have ever took on a bike are key word was to Explore we went from the boys and girls club all the way to lyell av. it was really cool i even took some really cool pictures By Drahai have a blessed day

  • Johnathan.shellman

    today was great ride everyone coming together agin some from last year and new people this year going on the eri conneal trip just about every body climd the rocks coming down was not so easy it was slippery i cut my hand coming back down it wasnt that bad but i gotten light headed had to stay back in the end i came back iwas straight felling better had fun riding

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