2012 Cobbs’ Hill

2012 Cobbs’ Hill

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Intro Lesson:  Cobbs’ Hill reservoir was constructed in 1908 and provides drinking water to the City of Rochester.  Adjacent to the reservoir is Washington Grove, a peaceful wooded area full of walking trails and old oak trees.  Just down the hill to the north of the reservoir is Lake Riley, which used to serve as a widewaters basin – a turnaround boats would use as they travelled along the Erie Canal.

The water in Cobbs’ Hill Reservoir comes from Hemlock Lake, one of the smaller finger lakes.  The water is brought to the city via a 30 mile-long, 5-foot diameter pipe, or conduit.

Word of the Day:  conduit – from O.Fr. conduit (12c.) “escort, protection; pipe, channel,” from L. conductus “a leading, a pipe” (from http://www.etymonline.com/)


This trip was on June 23, 2012
Trip distance: 11 miles 
Programming time: 2 hours 
Participants:  Jonathan Shellman

Leaders: Sean Brown, Dwayne, Duke Kiner, Marc Lavender

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  • Johnathan.shellman

    this ride was funner than the last ride today ride was nice weather we was going down hills coasting feeling the cool air coming down on the way back to the club we do the funnest things we do is racing back having a good time and enjoying ourselves

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