2011 The Pinnacle Hills

2011 The Pinnacle Hills

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Intro lesson:  Word of the day – Reservoir – French for “storehouse.”

We talked about Highland Park reservoir and Cobbs’ Hill reservoir as “storehouses” for water.  Within the context of riding our bicycles up some of the Pinnacle Hills (we biked Highland ‘Hill’ & Cobbs’ Hill; biked part way up Pinnacle Hill; and visited Mt. Hope ‘Hill’), we discussed our legs as storehouses for the energy needed to ride our bikes.  Furthermore, we talked about the Clif Bars and clementines we would be snacking on as the storehouses of energy to fuel our muscles.

The Ride:  We began today’s ride at the club and headed east over the Ford Street Bridge to Mt. Hope Avenue.  After a brief stopover at the entrance to Mt. Hope Cemetery, we made it to the Highland Park reservoir, which happened to be empty for a thorough cleaning.  Then it was off to Cobbs’ Hill via Rochester first Bicycle Boulevard, winding along the northern side of Pinnacle Hill on Pinnacle Road.  After a water stop and a thrill ride down the west side of Cobbs’ Hill, it was time to head back to the Club.

Here area a couple great links to historic photos of the Pinnacle Hill and Cobbs’ Hill areas.

Other Points of Interest:  S.W.A.N. neighborhood garden/greenhouse; Mt. Hope Cemetery; Pinnacle Road/Linden Street Bicycle Boulevard; Cobbs’ Hill Park

This trip was on July 9, 2011
Trip distance:  11.1 miles
Programming Time: 3 hours
Participants: Jamal McCullough, Momoh Kamara, Vani Kamara, Malik Sturgis
Leaders: Andy Aligne, Marc Lavender, Scott MacCrae

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