2011 Geocache

2011 Geocache

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Intro Lesson Geocaching
In the spirit of exploring one’s environment we decided to find a local geocache—a hidden object that can be found be using GPS coordinates.Word of the Day geocache
(Gk. geo- = earth + Fr. cacher = to hide)
A geocache is an item hidden somewhere on earth.

After reviewing the safety rules of the road at the club we headed out toward Corn Hill in search of a geocache we found listed on the geocaching.com website. We parked our bikes at the north end of Clarrisa and ventured around the fence of the playground to find the ice rink parking lot… and a pile of snow in August. A brief snowball fight ensued. Then, back to the search. We knew the cache was magnetic, and there was a steel grate on the side of the building. On closer inspection we found the magnetic box stuck to the underside of the grate and we added our name to the list. Our successful searchers then spent some time climbing the nearby trees and taking photos.

Riders’ Photos
Rayauna Goodman
Chaunny Joyner
Imoni Lewis-McDonald
Brianna Lundy

This trip was on August 04, 2011
Trip distance: 4.4 miles 
Programming time: 1.5 hours 
Participants: Rayauna Goodman, Chaunny Joyner, Imoni Lewis-McDonald, Brianna Lundy, Shannon Oliver

Leaders: Shawn Brown, Cappy Collins, Dan King

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  • Imoni.lewismcdonald

    i had so much fun today i did so much things i seen snow in the summer lol fun

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