2011 Genesee Valley Park (girls trip)

2011 Genesee Valley Park (girls trip)

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Intro Lesson Teamwork
Our first girls ride! We talked about goals and expectations, for instance the importance of mutual respect and communication. All the riders signed the teamwork contract. Cyclopedia works best as a team; we all ride together. To further the sense of group accomplishment we started a “trophy case” this year: the riders will collect a found item to represent each ride.

Word of the Day souvenir (F souvenir to remember) Cyclopedia is about getting in touch with the place you live, with an eye toward building a better future. But one of the best ways to engage yourself is to understand where you come from. Our “trophy case” of souvenirs will remind us of what we’ve accomplished.

After Shawn gave the lesson at the Club we geared up and realized there was a steady drizzle of rain. Our riders we’re unimpressed– we headed south down Genesee Street to make our presence known. On the way to the Genesee Valley Park we came across (almost ran across) a painted turtle who seemed a little lost, we can only hope he made his way back to the river a few yards away.

The riders practiced taking photos near the Elmwood Avenue overpass and the rain started to lighten up. We checked out the Genesee Waterways Center then headed down to the pedestrian bridge that crosses near the intersection of the Erie Canal. On our way back north along the east side of the river we stopped for a group portrait at the tree that was hit by lightning.

Back at the club our in-house IT guru, Chris Olin, helped the kids out with uploading the photos and posting.

A great first ride for our ladies as the 2011 season rolls along. And great to have Shawn back in action after recovering from his kickball injury.

Check out our riders’ individual albums below:
Ivory Clark
Bre’asia Gibson
Laporcha Hill
Donzai Pulley

This trip was on June 16, 2011
Trip distance: 4.1 miles
Programming time: 2 hours
Participants: Imari Clark, Ivory Clark, Cocoa David, Shanna Dennis, Bre’asia Gibson, Laporcha Hill, Donzai Pulley
Leaders: Shawn Brown, Cappy Collins, John Kennedy, Dwayne Mahoney

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  • Donzai.pulley

    i liked when i seen a turled and the hills and other stuff

  • Ivory.clark

    I really loved the trip because it shows me teamwork and biycle skills. I saw alot of things that really amazed me.

  • Shanna.dennis

    i like the trip a lot it was fun i learn a lot on my trip and i think it so hard to ride at first but then i got it and i think it was so great and i would like to go everytime they go and i learn a lot about the eirn cancel and i learn that it goes north . we saw a turtle it was not that big

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