2011 Erie Canal (West) (girls)

2011 Erie Canal (West) (girls)

Intro Lesson  ExplorationWe decided to focus on a less structured ride with an emphasis on observation and documentation through photography.Word of the Day exploration

(L. ex- ‘out’ + plorare‘utter a cry.’)


At the club we reviewed the map to orient ourselves. We cruised down Genesee Street to the Genesee Valley Trail where we stopped to take photos at the junction of the Genesee River with the Erie Canal. We took a right turn to head west along the Canal Trail and stopped at a few more places along the way for more photos and plenty of water breaks. The riders had a great time cruising the trails and exploring the surrounding landscape: bugs, plants, birds, etc.: an engaging blend of the natural with the man-made. Back at the club we uploaded the photos and practiced editing.

This trip was on August 11, 2011
Trip distance: 6.6 miles 
Programming time: 2.5 hours 
Participants: **

Leaders: Shawn Brown

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