2011 Dead End Street

2011 Dead End Street

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Word of the Day:  cul de sac (French: bottom of the bag)

Intro Lesson:  Dead End Street – we discussed the concept of a dead end street – is it a place of despair and hopelessness or is it a peaceful, quiet, neighborhood setting??


This trip took the kids from the Club across the Ford Street Bridge to Sanford Street and its numerous cul-de-sac side streets.  This gave them the opportunity to interact with neighbors and to get a sense of life on a ‘dead end street.’

This trip was on June 25, 2011
Trip distance:  6.5 miles
Programming time:  3 hours
Participants: Quinton Bedell, Keyon McClary, Jonathan Shellman, Larry Sturgis, Malik Sturgis
Leaders: Shawn Brown, Daniel, Reggie Smith, and Eric Soublet

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