2013.7.20 Wall Therapy Part 1

2013.7.20 Wall Therapy Part 1

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Today’s ride focused on Wall Therapy 2013, the third year of a project started by local radiologist Ian Wilson, MD.  Since 2011, graffiti artists from all over the world have descended on Rochester for a week of community improvement through art.  Unfortunately, the local spray paint factory was short on paint, so overall it was a slow start to the week.  But, we still saw some amazing pieces of wall art!!

This trip was on July 20, 2013

Trip distance: 9 miles 

Riding Time:  2.5 hours

Participants:  Yasier Clark, Keon Gaskin, Stretch Greer & Momoh Kamara

Leaders:  Shawn Brown, Marcus Cooper, & Marc Lavender

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  • Momoh.kamara

    it was fun. The best part was going on the ride. The worse part was being tired . Next time I would like to go on longer ride.

  • Yasier.clark

    The best thing about this ride today was looking at the art we seen on walls, all around.

    My worst thing was going up the hills instead of down the hills because its tuff going up hills and ur not knowing how to change ur gears the correct way , 🙂

    I can make this ride better by going to see more images all around because i like the exercise plus its cool to look at the pics all on the wall.

  • Stretch Greer

    i enjoyed this , it was fun to see different sites , but tireng which will help me with exercise

  • Keon.gaskin

    The best part of the ride was when we took pictures of the graffiti. The worst part of the ride was when I got tired, and the ride was long. It would be better if the ride wasn’t 6 miles long.

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