Tymel’s Journal

Tymel’s Journal

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tymel eastriver ride

Ride 1: East River

One thing that I learned was that nothing was difficult. Some people had some problem with riding a bike. I learned cormorant which is some type of bird. Something that I liked was that my friend kept falling off her bike and she kept on going.






Ride 2: Roosevelt Island

In the beginning of the ride my wheels pop! So then Cappy had to

try to fix my back bike. But it didnt work so I had to walk all the way

back to the school. What I learned today that marginalized

means that when somebody goes to jail

or when somebody goes to the hospital.

And one thing that I liked was that me and my friends

rode down the hill.

tymel starlight park


Ride 3: Starlight Park.

A lot of things happen this time my friend tire pop!

but cappy and his friends helped and fixed his tire.

staghorn sumac is like a type of plant that makes tea.

half of the trip the group saw one of cappys friend

that catches eels.Things that I didn’t  like about the

trip was that I had to go up the hills.And the things

that I did like was that we went down the hill and ride in the streets.


tymels inwood park


Today the crew went a diffrent way.

we went to inwood park

and we also went to some indian caves

it was really scary because it was mad

dark and a lot of trash. One thinge I did like was that

I went up the hill and one thing I didnt like was that

I had to go up hill.


tymel newtown creek

Ride 5: Newtown Creek

during the ride cappys

tires pop! But he had a back up

tire. Also I saw some cool

graffiti on the way back and

on the way to newtown.

one thing I liked about

the ride was that I went up

the hill and down the hill

butt this time there was

a lot of up hills.



2015 Roosevelt Island Ride

i was really scared when i road on the triboro bridg and it was sooo

hot that i went through the sprinklers. There was my friend named cherlin put lotion all over her face. then we road over the roosevelt island bridg and went down a spiral. we also started playing in the freedom park. then we went to the queens boro bridg. it was so long that we had to take a couple of rests. then we went back to the school after a long long ride. THE END OF RIDE TWO

Newtown Creek Ride

When I fell, I got back off and dusted it off like it was nothing because I’m a true warrior. The park where we ate was really peaceful, but there was some guy that was talking that was distracting. When I touched the black mayonnaise, oh my gosh, it felt really gross and nasty. Our ride was so long, especially the Queensboro bridge, at least I survived. When we did taekwondo I didn’t do it. But I watched it and it looked cool, I always wanted to learn Karate. On the way back to the Queensboro bridge, it smelled really bad I thought I was going to throw up.

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  • Cappy

    Tymel, you didn’t mention the cool stalactites you found on the roof of the Pier CVII pavilion!

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