Bronx Excursion

Bronx Excursion

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Intro Lesson: Today we learned about Typhoid Mary and her stay in the sanitarium on North Brothers island. Typhoid Mary had the chronic version of typhoid fever, but she spread it to many people, who developed acute cases. Whether she was truly the source of the outbreak or simply a scape goat, we will never know, but our goal was to check out the sanitarium where she served her time.

Word of the Day: Sanitarium: an institution for the preservation or recovery of health, especially for convalescence
(from Latin Sanit- = health)

The Bronx Excursion, Turned Randell’s/Ward’s Island Trip:
The goal of today was to make it over to Baretto Point Park to check out North Brothers Island. However, our plans are always fluid and due to unforeseen circumstances, we switched routes. Here was our day!

Onyx came in big today, bringing us new kids from the Beacon Program. We were all very excited to have new riders joining us today! After Cappy and Kara tag teamed the lesson, we were off. We made our way over to the Triboro Bridge where Destinee had a minor collision. But she took it like a champ and her and Cappy walked their way back to the center while Onyx, Jhavaughn and Kara led the rest of the troops over the second part of the Triboro Bridge into the Bronx. We just stepped our tiptoes into the Bronx and snacked on some clementines before riding back down the Triboro Bridge into Randell’s Island. We checked out Icahn Stadium again where we refueled our water bottles. Then we headed over to a small chicken coop where we saw so many cool types of chickens! Finally we hung out by the East River and threw some rocks before taking the Ward’s Island Bridge back. Although we struggled a little bit with the bridges today, we are getting better and better each day. We were so happy to have even more riders today and looking forward to Tuesday!!

This trip was on July 26, 2012
Programming time: 5.5 hours (2.5 hours biking)
Distance: 5.81 miles (5.6 miles Destinee)

Leaders: Cappy Collins, Jhevaughn Langley, Kara Metcalf, Onyx Salvador

2012 The Bronx 3

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  • Destinee.moore

    We were going down the Tri borough bridge and me and Rakelle flipped over with out bikes and I injured me knee but I’m perfectly fine now can’t wait for Tues. plus it’s going to be Ms.Kara’s BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

  • Calvin.debrecourt

    Swerve got 25 miles today proud of myself swerve . Can’t wait to get on the bike again #bikefeen.

  • Kara

    Thanks Jasmine! But my birthday is actually tomorrow, hope to see you all there!!

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