Tatianna’s Journal

Tatianna’s Journal

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East River

Roosevelt Island

Last Thursday July 26, 2015, I went to Roosevelt Island with Ms. Georgia. The trip was a little painful, but it was really fun. The Triboro Bridge was really steep. I felt that I was going to fall down. The bridge was shaking; I felt a little bit scared because the bridge was really high. I was able to complete the bridge because Ms. Georgia was there to help me. We had lunch at Socrates Sculpture Park; the lunch was bad. Also, I saw a duck on the sea and it had ducklings. Ms. Georgia and I went over the Roosevelt Island Bridge to Roosevelt Island and we thought about going home. But at the end, I had a flat tire. Georgia fixed with the other Cappy (Justin). We thought about how fun that would be. We went on a journey of playing hide and seek. The Queensboro Bridge was very painful, but at the end I had a lot of fun. We went down a lot of hills and it was awesome! Then, we went back to the school and I saw all my friends! I was looking for Cappy, but I couldn’t find him.

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