2013 Orientation

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It’s Finally Here! The First Week of the Summer Season!:
That’s right cyclists! The week we’ve been preparing for is here! On Monday we headed down to P.S. 198 (The Beacon School) to find some adventurers adventurers ready to explore their city on two wheels instead of four!

After drumming up some interest on Monday, we returned on Tuesday to begin our Orientation! Orientation included taking heights and weights of all of our participants and taking them down to the East River bike path to ride a timed mile! Cappy also ran our computer orientation so that the kids can start putting up the pictures they take on our rides!

Hanging out on the East River was a lot of fun despite the heat! When you’re on a bicycle you make your own breeze! The kids did great, and looked forward to more practice on Thursday before heading out on our first ride next week!


On Thursday we practiced in the gym at P.S. 198. We worked on braking with our hands (not our feet) and gears. Another important skill we had to remember was biking in a straight line, one behind the other. When we start going on rides, ¬†we will have to share the paths, so it’s important that we leave room for other riders! All in all it was a great week!

Leaders: Cappy Collins, Luz Felix, Torin Barnes, Emma Bick, Jenne Ingrassia, Danny Piening

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