Selina’s Journal

Selina’s Journal

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Bronx River Ride

Newtown Creek Ride

Inwood Ride

I passed the High, Hamilton, and Washington bridges. Then we went into a cave and we were trying to find the treasure. But we did not. I am disappointed. I am mad because when we went climbing I got scratched and bruises. I almost climbed a tree. I did a lot of flips at the Greek Pavilion. Then we passed the smallest lighthouse that I ever saw. I played hide and seek during lunch. The word we say eureka.

High Bridge Ride

Staten Island Ride

We first went on our bike to the Staten Island Ferry. It was a long ride there. We stopped by the dock and saw the East River. We also saw a helicopter. When we were there the ferry was there already. I did some flips on the Ferry. When we were there we saw the garden and found nothing. After we rode our bikes into the woods and found some real treasure. Other people left cool stuff in this little box so we did too. We put a cyclopedia bracelet into the box and put it back where we found it. We went back to the ferry and rode home on the west side of Manhattan. The ride was smooth because there was a bike path almost all the way home. In total I did 112 flips on the ride.

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