Samyra’s Journal

Samyra’s Journal

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Randall’s Island Ride

We went to Randall’s Island farm. We saw two bees and a leaf cutter bug it was so much fun and we also we saw some chicken but they were running also and we went around the rest of the island and I love it 


Roosevelt’s Island Ride

To get to Roosevelt Island we had to go to Randall’s Island to go to Queens and it was a very nice view we can see some of Manhattan and I made up some hills and then we saw a the rest of the island. We went to the light house and then we went back to the school.


Bronx River Ride

We had to ride in the heat all  way to the Bronx  to the Bronx River Park and we saw the fish ladder and the eel ladder.


We climbed the jungle gym all the way to the top.

I found the geocache.

Eagle-eye Samyra finds it quickly

Eagle-eye Samyra finds it quickly. The hint was: something magnetic.


Newtown Creek Ride


We found tree sap and one looked like a pimple.


Alberto caught the butterfly in a lunch bag.

We ate lunch at a park and it smelled like garbage. We tried to catch black mayonnaise but we didn’t catch any. The anchor kept getting stuck.


My favorite part of the ride was the view!


Inwood Hill Park Ride

First, what we did was that we went to Inwood Hill Park.


Rocky road


Riding on the dirt road


Little red lighthouse


Alberto tree

My favorite part of this trip was when Alberto stuck his hand in the ant home when he climbed the tree to find the geocache. We explored caves. It smelled like pee. Clarence, Alberto, JiaMei, and Ilias got lost in the woods. The ride was easy and hard at the same time.


High Bridge Ride

We didn’t actually go on the High Bridge because we got lost twice. But in the end we found our way.


First we went to the bike shop to see Cappy’s friends and we met a famous opera singer in the shop.


Noor’s teepee with acorns


This picture is upside down. We went on the stairs at the pretty houses.

My favorite part of this trip was when we went to the Morris-Jumel house. We played ninja and it was fun.

New Jersey Palisades Ride

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Staten Island Ride

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