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Intro Lesson: Randall’s/Ward’s Island.
Today we learned about the long history of Randall’s/Ward’s Island. Orginally they were two separate islands but now they are connected with Little Hell Gate representing where they used to be separated.

Word of the Day: Circumnavigate
(from Latin circum- = around + navigare = to sail)

Randall’s/Ward’s Island:
Today started with a tag-team lesson from Cappy and Kara. After learning all about circumnavigating and what is now Randell’s/Ward’s Island, it was time to gear up for the ride. We ran into our first obstacle on our way to cross the Ward’s Island Bridge: it was up for construction! However, Cappy, our fearless leader, directed us over to the Tri-Borough Bridge. CRISIS AVERTED. From there we traversed over to the northern end of Randell’s Island, and threw stones into the Bronx. I repeat: we threw stones from Manhattan to the Bronx. No, we don’t all have Arnold Schwarzenegger-like strength, we just had to throw them a mere few hundred feet over the Bronx Kill.

A hungry Cappy then started snacking on some plants, but as he explained, mugwart is a perfectly edible plant. Sabian and Jasmine both followed suit but after their faces twisted up from the bitterness, no one else dared try it. Next, we checked out Icahn Stadium where Usain Bolt broke then 100 meter record in March 2008. Pretty cool!

From there, we passed by Little Hell Gate, which represents the old division between Randall’s and Ward’s Island and we made our way into the Ward’s Island section. Our last stop of the ride was to check out a interesting art installation on the South East side of the island. It was a pretty cool wood and glass structure that overlooked the Ward’s Island Bridge.

Now, having conquered most of the island, it was time to head home. Luckily, this time we caught the Ward’s Island Bridge just in time before they put it back up for construction. We made our way back to the Isaac’s Center where we edited our pictures and posted some comments, over lots of giggles and some Justin Beiber songs.

This trip was on July 19, 2012
Programming time: 5 hours (2.25 hours riding)
Distance: 6.18 miles
Participants: Calvin Debrecourt, Sabian Gago, Jasmine Romero

Leaders: Cappy Collins, Jhevaughn Langley, Kara Metcalf, Onyx Salvador

2012 Learning Day 3

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23 comments on “Randall’s/Wards Island
  1. calvin.debrecourt says:


  2. sabian.ramadhin says:

    The word of the day was circumnavigate which means to sail around but in this case we ride on a bicyle.

  3. sabian.ramadhin says:

    Really Calvin ” LOL ” ” Swaggie” whats next?

  4. sabian.ramadhin says:

    We also went to randalls and wards island. Cappy ate mugwort so did jasmine. EWWWWWW

  5. calvin.debrecourt says:

    swag like wonton soup

  6. calvin.debrecourt says:

    i fell so many times EPIC FAIL kept my swag 2 Chainz!

  7. jasmine.romero says:

    Calvin Really

  8. jasmine.romero says:

    We went to Wards Island and Randalls Island and i Liked when we went to wards Island and we passed the East river I liked that yellow boat No one really noticed it

  9. jasmine.romero says:

    that wugmort was bitter

  10. calvin.debrecourt says:

    if i had a bike i would ride it everyday i can take it places from the mall to the bay imma take a chance i might never ever know i have gears on my side that i really need to change swag swag on the bike

  11. onyx1987 says:

    Calvin’s gear came off his handle bar….super swag …

  12. jasmine.romero says:


  13. onyx1987 says:

    Hey Jasmin remember when you laughed at calvin’s post, like 10 seconds ago !! lol

  14. calvin.debrecourt says:

    i was doing me the bike was doing the bike
    named my bike swagtastic mr.swag aka young based bike

  15. onyx1987 says:

    Calvin probably has gained -235 points…rough estimate.

  16. calvin.debrecourt says:


  17. calvin.debrecourt says:


  18. kara says:

    Jasmine has Stage Two Mugwart Fever: the GIGGLES
    Calvin just has Beiber Fever

  19. onyx1987 says:

    I just gave Jasmin and Destinee Cyclopedia nick names. So Calvin you are now known as ” Cyclo Swagger”. Sabian you need a nickname too. So by the powers vested in me you are officially ” Young Magna Carta”. Felix will earn a nickname when he comes back to the program and earns it.

  20. calvin.debrecourt says:

    No beiber has Calvin fever

  21. calvin.debrecourt says:

    all i need to do is master the art of going up hills

  22. jasmine.romero says:

    thats crazy how the lifted the bridge

  23. jasmine.romero says:


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