Pinnacle Hill

Pinnacle Hill

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Intro Lesson: using shifters to your advantage!Topic: Pinnacle HillWe had a great ride today.  Rode the 3.5 miles to Pinnacle Hill from the B&G Club, then hiked to the summit – I guess we can call it that when it is the highest point in Rochester, a full 749 feet above sea level, and 506 feet above the surface of Lake Ontario (the lowest point in the city).
According to, the hill was originally named Mount Monroe, and was one of the four hills termed “The Pinnacle Hills.” The other three hills are Cobbs’ Hill, Highland Hill (as in Highland Park), and Mount Hope (as in the cemetery).

The tall towers that we saw at the top of the hill supply all of the “over-the-air” TV broadcasts for the city (as opposed to the cable stations, I assume), and many of the FM radio stations. There has to be some cell tower service there as well, since Carey’s phone had more bars than he’s ever seen!…

Our first trip was July 27, 2010
Trip distance: 6.8 miles
Participants:  Carey Bedell, Quinton Bedell, Davontay Bradley, Jonathan Shellman, Sherod Smith

Leaders:  Shawn Brown, Marc Lavender, Reggie Smith

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  • Admin

    If you click on the Terrain button on the map above you can see the hills in relief. Then zoom in a bit.


  • Johnathan.shellman

    this is one of my favorite ones when we all had took along walk on that one being on top of the top

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