Noor’s Journal

Noor’s Journal


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East River Ride 2015

First we did the lesson. The word of the day was “bi-cycle”. “Bi” means that there are two wheels and “cycle” means wheels. Then we got the bikes and went outside to start the ride. First I fell down a little bit but then I started and was better at riding. We got to the Ward’s Island bridge and I went really fast down the other side. We went down the promenade and saw our first cormorant. Then we went to a grassy area to have lunch. After we had lunch, we went back and it started pouring really really hard. So we went under a bridge to take shelter from the rain. While we were waiting we did Taekwondo. I didn’t really want to do the taekwondo but I did it anyway. It turned out to be ok. Then after it had stopped raining, we went back to the promenade and continued riding. While we were riding we went to the pier and took a water sample of the East River. The water was very contaminated with pesticides and had E.Coli present. After the pier, it started raining again, but not as hard. We kept going south until we reached a park with a big ramp for cars. We took some plant samples and put them in our purple books. Then we did the hill challenge. I almost made it up, but then I had to stop and walk the rest. Then we did the slow riding challenge down the hill. I started later than everyone else so I got to go a little faster. Then we headed back to the school all soaked and sweaty.

Roosevelt Island Ride 2015

First we did the lesson about the word “Marginalize”. It means to be separated. After we tracked where we going, we got the bikes and headed out. It was a lot easier for me than the last ride because I had a smaller bike. We rode to the Ward’s Island bridge and while we were going up we saw firemen in training. We waited until they were gone and then we went down the bridge. When we got to the bottom, we saw how the egg was cooking. But it was not that hot outside so the egg was not cooked all the way. After we did the egg, we took a picture next to the “HELLO” sign on Randall’s Island. We went on the road for some time and then we went off roading on some gravel. Then we went up the triboro bridge. We took the tunnel to get to the top. It was really easy, but long. Once we were on, we road across the bridge. Then we went down steps and into Queens. We went to this park and it had some fountains in it. I did not ride through the water, but other people did. I took some pictures and we took a water sample from the east river. Then we started rolling again. We went to Socrates Park with statues for lunch. My favorite statue was the pyramid. Then we went on the bridge to Roosevelt Island bridge and my handlebar came loose so we had to stop to fix it. Then we went down the swirly bridge to get onto the island. We went to the end of the island to see the smallpox hospital. We were going to go into Freedom Park, but it was closed for the day. After we took a break, we went back to the school.

Bronx River Ride 2015

First we did the lesson the word was “community” afterwards we went out to get the bikes and get ready. We went the usual way up the bridge and spotted a spy camera. After we went down we passed a statue made of blocks like Minecraft! Then we went to a small bridge and saw people fishing for crabs and fish. And saw a tree with bushy red flower. We took it to make tea in our water I took one for later to put in another cup. Afterwards we went to the triboro bridge and went to Bronx river park and had lunch there we saw the fish ladder. Then we went to the other parks starlight park and concrete park there we took the water sample and did taekwandoe then we went back to the school.

Central Park Ride 2016

On the first day I had a bigger bike than last year because I had grown more. We first did trials in the park near the School. Then we went to Central Park on the Bike path, We went around the whole reservoir near the bike path. we also found two Geocaches one hidden behind a rock and one over a bridge. then we went back to the school.

East River Ride 2016

First we went along promenade near Carl Schurz Park we went to a pier and took a sample of the water. Then we went up a VERY BIG hill (I did this last year) and I did it twice! when I came down the first time we tried to see who could go down the slowest the second time I came down I went fast. after that we went to look for a Geocache it was between three trees.


it was between the trees in the bottom in a hole.

Another Geocache was in a lamppost I was the one who found it! there was a code; it said “Hello lamppost wacha doin” it said in the description it said that you might need pliers or long finger nails to get it out. in the beginning I had thought it was just a screw and was plying with it until I realized it was the Geocache!


it was hidden well so no-one found it until i did!

Randells island 2016

I don’t really remember what happened on this ride…

Roosevelt island 2016

first we went to the promenade along the East River  and crossed the bridge to get to the island then we rode around the island.

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