Mount Hope Cemetery

Mount Hope Cemetery

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Topic: Mount Hope CemeteryToday, we made the short ride to the Mt. Hope Cemetery (again, Mount Hope being one of the original Pinnacle Hills of Rochester).  After trying to pump water out of one of the old hand pumps scattered throughout the grounds, we visited the grave sites of Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony.  By far the most exciting part of the ride for everyone was cruising down (and up, I suppose!) the “mounts” of Mt. Hope.  The ride definitely gave everyone a healthy respect for the richness of our history and the steepness of our hills.
Our first trip was on August 1, 2010
Trip Distance: 5.5 miles

Participants:  Carey Bedell, Davontay Bradley, James Dorsey, Keyon McClary, Johnathan Shellman, Michael

Leaders:  Shawn Brown, Marc Lavender, Brenda Tesini,

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  • this trip was amazing but then again type sad. i was happy to see Frederick Douglass cemetery and Susan B. Anthony’s. it was a great ride. the most exicting thing about the cemetery is the hills. 🙂 :]

  • Mlavender

    how fast do you think we were going down those hills??

  • Admin

    If you click on the Terrain button on the map above you can see the hills in relief.


  • Keyon.mcclary

    We went to the cemetery and saw Susan B. Anthony and Fredrick Douglas. We had fun going down the hills.

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