Maria’s Journal

Maria’s Journal

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First ride: July 7

  • East river ride- 8 miles
  • Started raining when we were finding geocache at Carl Schurz
  • We had fun in the rain
  • Someone got a flat tire
  • It was hard to ride because we were soaked and wet

Second ride: July 10

  • Randall’s and Wards- 10 miles
  • The trio which includes Carmen, Josue, and i started to form
  • We got a water sample at little hell gate
  • We were testing for nitrates, nitrites, pesticides, and E coli  
  • I learned how to fix a flat tire
  • I caught up to the group
  • Rhus  juice

Third ride: July 13

  • Roosevelt’s- 13 miles
  • We stopped at Socrates Park to eat lunch and the trio got ice cream
  • Smallpox hospital
  • We only had to ask the gate person to find the geocache
  • We stopped because of a model
  • We took pics

Fourth ride: July 17

  • Newtown Creek- 16.4 miles
  • queens/Brooklyn/ Pulaski bridge- 16.8 miles
  • First time i stopped 2 times at the queens-borough bridge
  • Gordon triangle park to find geocache but we didn’t find it
  • We saw the oil and garbage in the water
  • Huron and Manhattan story: oil spill
  • We stopped and ate lunch at Whale Creek Park
  • We got a water sample at whale creek park
  • We also got to touch black mayo(it is toxic)
  • I didn’t stop at all in the bridge

Fifth ride: July 20

  • high bridge- 12.6 miles
  • we ate lunch near the Yankee Stadium
  • it was a hot day (very hot)
  • we crossed the high bridge
  • we crossed the high bridge park
  • we went to Alexander Hamilton house
  • geocache at the commentary

Sixth ride: July 24

  • Bronx river- 16 miles
  • we learned the words “community”and “amphidromous”
  • we learned about the fish ladder
  • it was a rainy day and I could barely see
  • we were very cold
  • we ate lunch at a park that used to be an amusement park called starlight
  • we came back to school and tie dyed our shirts

Seventh ride: July 27

  • Governors Island- 30 miles
  • it was a really long ride
  • it was tiring and we missed the 11 o’clock ferry
  • we ate lunch at a park
  • then we arrived at the ferry
  • we took the ferry that then took us to Governors Island
  • we got of the ferry to a bathroom break
  • we rode to this prison called Castle Williams
  • then we explored through the Castle Williams
  • after that we went geocaching
  • we found the geocache, it was a box
  • then we went to a park which included three slides (large, medium, and small)
  • we went to the large slide
  • then we wanted to go to get some drinks or some food
  • we got lost going there but finally we got there
  • the food and drinks were so expensive
  • Carmen and I finally decided to get some Starbucks
  • since we couldn’t finish our drinks I put them inside my bag
  • I had to be careful not to spill the drinks
  • the way was more tiring
  • we finally got to the school

Eighth ride: July 31

  • Inwood- 18.1 miles
  • we learned two new words: “eureka”   and “spelunking” 
  • we crossed under the three bridges (High bridge, Hamilton, and Washington bridge)
  • our “eureka” was the lighthouse, pumpkin, planetarium
  • we went to inwood park and learned about the tribe called Lenpe
  • we also got to meet this guy named Luis
  • he taught us about the caves and the ceremony
  • he also told us that if we find the shells on the floor to leave them there because people long time before would use them for wishes
  • we went back and called out eureka because we saw the pumpkin house
  • while going back to school I got left back because a car went in front of me and then a guy and lady asked what this program is about and then I was afraid because I thought I got left back and lost, but Judy was waiting for me
  • then we finally go to the school

Ninth ride: August 3

  • Palisades- 21.8 miles
  • it was a sunny day
  • it was a tiring day
  • a long ride, but kinda fun
  • we had a water break at a park called J. Hood Wright Park
  • we also found a geocache there at that park
  • we passed through Fort Lee
  • we got there at Palisades Interstate Park and ate lunch there
  • we went to get a water sample there from the Hudson River
  • the way back home was a harder way because there were uphills
  • we finally got to Beacon

Tenth ride: August 7th

  • Green-wood Cemetery- 23 miles
  • it was a rainy day
  • it started raining even more when Dr. Cappy stated that it wasn’t going to rain
  • we headed towards the Manhattan bridge
  • we went to the cemetery trying to find some parrots
  • we went towards the chapel to find a place to eat our lunch
  • we went to find the geocache but we ended up not finding it
  • while we exited we decided to stop and find a geocache
  • we found it but in a different shape (a box instead of a bullet)
  • we headed toward the Brooklyn bridge
  • Dr. Cappy mentioned that there weren’t going to be pedestrians but he was wrong
  • I had a flat tire after we went through the Brooklyn bridge
  • Dr. Cappy and Judy helped me
  • then we finally headed toward our destination (school)
  • we finally got to school

Eleventh ride: August 10

  • Flushing Meadows-Corona Park- 22 miles
  • that ride was fun and kinda long
  • we crossed the tri borough bridge
  • I didn’t feel good but when they gave me the two pills, I felt much better
  • we stopped at this park to have a water break, supposedly Alberto said that was our lunch break
  • we asked to go to the deli and Josue, Farai, Omar, and I went to buy what we wanted
  • Josue and I got an icey to cool us down and Omar and Farai bought some chips
  • we got there at Corona Park and biked to where the Unisphere, one of Queens most iconic attractions
  • then we got wet there
  • it was super fun
  • then we went back to the school
  • we crossed the Queens borough bridge
  • then we finally got to the school

Twelfth ride: August 14

  • Van Cortlandt park- 14.8 miles
  • we went through Central Park and through our way we found one of Dr. Cappy’s friend
  • we biked through St Nicolas Ave
  • I also fell because no one called out “stopping” and I fell over
  • then we went through the Broadway bridge which I call the “mini bridge”
  • then we arrived at Van Cortlandt Park
  • we had lunch there
  • when we wanted to refill our water bottles at the water fountain we noticed that the water there was foggy and had a weird noise (a popping noise)
  • then we went to westchester which was a kinda long way
  • on the way there we were looking for geocaches
  • then we went through this mini forest to get to the pond
  • we took a water sample of the swampy water and from a creek where we found one of our geocaches
  • then we discovered that there was an old abandoned train station that used to be there
  • we also went to see the Stonehenge
  • I didn’t climb it because I knew I wasn’t able to make it
  • we got lost at some times but we found our way out
  • we went back through the same way we got there
  • when we went that uphill, Carmen, Daniela and I got left behind
  • we were left behind with Dr. Cappy(which was a good thing)
  • then Dr. Cappy was trying to help us catch up with the others but then they called and said they were lost somewhere else and they took the wrong turn
  • Dr. Cappy almost took the wrong turn but we then noticed it wasn’t there
  • we arrived at the Broadway bridge waiting for the others
  • while we waited we went to a deli and I bought an icey
  • then everybody came and we went back to Manhattan
  • then stopped for a water break
  • when we almost got there we stopped because the others got left behind
  • we then finally arrived at the school

total: 205.7 miles


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