Luis’ Journal

Luis’ Journal

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East River Ride, 7/16/15
On Thursday I rode on a bike all the way up north to the Triboro Bridge. My favorite part was when we went to the pier and we got to see a crab. My least favorite part was when everybody asked me, “Can I go in front of you? Then, I went right and crashed into rocks; good thing it didn’t hurt. We did Tae kwon Do, but it was boring; it was too much work. We went all the way south to the Queensboro Bridge. When we got back, I was so tired! But, all in all, I did have a fun time.

Inwood Ride

Inwood Park was the first geocache we ever had. It was fun because we saw a lot of caves and we discovered a lot of places at Inwood Park. Also, we saw the shells that the Native Americans put on the ground to remember peoples’ souls. My favorite part was then Justin, Daniel, Selena and I got to look for the treasure. The bad part was that we didn’t find it. I found quartz and a lot of interesting rocks. I said “Eureka!” when I found the lighthouse on top of the building.

High Bridge Ride

Yesterday at the High Bridge park there was another geocache. My favorite part was when we went to check which lamppost the geocache was in. It was like a mini mission to find a compartment tied to a stick. Inside the compartment and there was a scroll of paper that you need to write your name and the date from when you found the box. My least favorite part was when I tripped with a bike and I fell. And I was happy that I was able to go on another ride, but not a training ride.

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