2019 Riding Course

2019.07.18 Bronx River Ride

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Today started off with a very wet morning, so we hit the road as soon as everyone arrived at the school. Some of us (particularly our leaders!) bundled up to keep dry, while others embraced the rainy conditions!

Once we reviewed the route and prepped for the weather, we were off to the Bronx River! We biked over the Randall’s Island walking bridge and continued into the Bronx. After crushing some busy roads and mild rolling hills, we eventually biked past the Bronx Zoo and entered River Park. Inside the park we met Jonah Garnicke, the Greenway Coordinator of the Bronx River Alliance, as well as his intern Steve, who explained the restoration projects that have taken place to make the river such a beautiful place to visit. He also pointed out the fish ladder – a really exciting tool used to repopulate the Bronx River with fish following the construction of a dam. We ate lunch by the water before heading up north to explore more parts of the river.

Luckily, the rain had stopped by lunch but there were still several very large puddles blocking our route, including one that filled an entire tunnel – thankfully, everyone had a blast biking straight through them! On the way back, Henry found a geocache and Francisco discovered a secret, additional geocache right nearby. Omar took a spill, and Francisco was a trooper dealing with several flat tires, so he got to ride the last few miles home with just Lauren and Cappy. Everyone was all smiles upon returning back, albeit a little damper than when they arrived this morning.


Alberto Rivero, Lauren Heuer, Adam Nathoo, Jenny Youm, Adriana Candia, Danny Navarro

Water Testing Results:

Nitrite/Nitrate: 0

pH: 7

Hardness: 180 ppm

Chlorine: 0

Alkalinity: 80

Copper: 0

Iron: 0

Ride Statistics:

16.9 miles biked

460 calories burned biking

.39 miles walked

68 calories burned

Total Calories Burned: 528

Estimates based on 100lbs, 5′ 2″ ht, 13 yo, average between male and female

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