2018 Riding Course

Lesson 2 – 2018.07.16 Astoria Park, Socrates Park and Roosevelt Island Ride

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We kicked off week 2 of Cyclopedia with a full-day ride! Desmond Green, a second year medical school student, and Justin, Cappy’s cousin, were honorary counselors for the day! Like our Randalls Island ride, we crossed the walking bridge into Randalls, but this time, we kept biking into Queens via the Triboro Bridge. In Astoria Park, we learned about our word of the day, Olympics, which tied in to the Olympic history of Astoria Park; Astoria Pool, the largest and oldest pool in New York, was used in the Olympic trials in 1936, 1952, and 1964, and the two fountains beside the pool were actually converted from Olympic torches!

We kept riding to Socrates Park, where Nancy Nowacek, an artist fellow, explained the piece she was working on, an interactive work involving communal dismantlement of a wall comprised of stacked sandbags. We ate lunch in Socrates Park and enjoyed Virginia Overton’s Built exhibition.

After lunch, we headed for Roosevelt island, crossing the Queensboro bridge along the way. We reached the lighthouse and biked around the island to the Smallpox Hospital. There, we reviewed marginalization and discussed the smallpox vaccine; the story of vaccines begins with William Jenner’s discovery that milkmaids were immune to smallpox after procuring cowpox, as the associated pathogens are closely related. Jenner invented the very first smallpox vaccine, and to this day, smallpox is the only disease considered by the WHO to be completely eradicated. After our lesson, we asked the “keeper of the keys” about a geocache and logged another cache! Then, it was time to head back to school. A big thank you to our honorary Cyclones, Desmond and Justin!

Ride Statistics:

15.6 miles biked

615 calories burned biking

.48 miles walked

86 calories burned

Total Calories Burned: 701

Estimates based on 100lbs, 5′ 2″ ht, 13 yo, average between male and female.


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