2019 Riding Course

2019.08.05 Gowanus

Today we headed to Gowanus Canal! Since we recently visited Green-Wood cemetery down in Brooklyn, we followed a similar route down 2nd Avenue and across the Manhattan Bridge – this time we were much faster, as our biking ability is improving each day! We stopped at Red Hook Park where we ate lunch on the bleachers and played around on the track. Francisco even found a geocache!

After lunch, we biked a bit further to reach the canal. On the way, we passed through Gowanus and noticed all of the development that has occurred in the past few years. When we finally arrived at Gowanus Canal, Lauren gave a lesson about how it became one of America’s most contaminated waterways, its recognition as a Superfund site, and the gentrification that has since occurred in the surrounding neighborhood. We threw an anchor into the water to collect some of the “black mayo” at the bottom of the canal for ourselves – it was really dirty!!


Alberto Rivero, Lauren Heuer, Adam Nathoo, Jenny Youm, Adriana Candia, Danny Navarro

Ride Statistics:

21.3 miles biked

465 calories burned biking

.21 miles walked

53 calories burned

Total Calories Burned: 518

Estimates based on 100lbs, 5′ 2″ ht, 13 yo, average between male and female

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