2019 Riding Course

2019.07.25 Inwood Hill Park Ride


Word of the Day:

Spelunking – The exploration of caves.

We rode to Inwood Hill Park on this beautiful Thursday! After we checked all our ABCs (Air, Brakes, Chain) and going over all our signals, we headed out of the school and towards north of the city. Our crew rode so well with limited water breaks and no complaints at all!

Through our route, we passed under the Alexander Hamilton Bridge and the Washington Heights Bridge and we took a quick break where Cappy told us the history of the bridges and how exactly bridges are able to hold so much weight! Then, for those of us who wanted a bit of a challenge, we raced one another on an old horse race track. It was a straight dirt track, so it was perfect to race on!

First, it was Edgar vs. Omar! Next up was Francisco vs. Logan! And finally, it was the ridemaster, Alberto, vs. Jenny, one of the co-leaders! It was an exciting moment with others who didn’t participate in the racing cheering everyone on at the side.

Then, we continued our route until we reached Swindler’s Cove, where we attempted to find a geocache and take a water and bathroom break. We spent a good while trying to find this geocache, but it unfortunately turned out to have been muggled. But everyone loved exploring the area while attempting to find the geocache.

After that lovely break, we continued and finally reached Inwood where we had our lunch break while waiting for our friend Luis Ramos to tell us about the history of Inwood. We went to the Indian Caves where the Lenape used to reside a long time ago, and we all received our spelunking badges after climbing and going through the caves. Then, we went to an open area where Luis performed music on traditional Native American instruments. We also spotted oyster shells all over the floor since oysters were so common back then and consumed quite frequently. Then, we said goodbye and thank you to Luis, and did some metal detecting where we found many bottle caps, pull tabs, and even a spoon.

After a day full of learning new things and exploring, it was time to head back. We rode by the Hudson River the way back and quickly stopped for another geocache that was cleverly hidden underneath a railing! It was an amazing day full of fun and new information.


Alexis, Omar, Henry, Edgar, Oscar, Yesenia, Francisco, Logan


Alberto Rivero, Lauren Heuer, Adam Nathoo, Jenny Youm, Adriana Candia, Danny Navarro

*Ride Statistics:

16.5 miles biked

746 calories burned

.7 miles walked

75 calories burned

Estimates based on 100lbs, 5′ 2″ ht, 13 yo, average between male and female.

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